The Cupcake Arcade was established in September 2016 by creating and enhancing logical bakery goods as a commodity and structuring a concept that would enlighten public interest. I am the founder I have identified two locations to establish the Cupcake Arcade in Covina, Culver City, Huntington Beach, Westchester, Laguna Niguel and/or Santa Ana areas. I have researched these locations and have identified each areas revenue stream, vehicle and foot traffic demographics, Tenant Improvement cost profile, Leasing cost and landlord occupy terms. Each location has many positive qualities yet will present one or two setbacks. However, I believe that my operating goals can positively circumvent the issue by identifying properties located near schools, parks and high occupancy and dense residential housing. Two area parks and 6 area schools surround my prospective location for immediate operations with over 25,000 families and students who are within a 1 miles radius of my target location. The Covina, West Covina areas will be my first targeted spots to open.

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The Cupcake Arcade is a build your own cupcake concept store that allows customer to custom design their own cupcake with un-iced, fresh baked daily cupcakes in a variety of flavors.

The Cupcake Arcade is a build your own cupcake concept store that allows customer to custom design their own cupcake with un-iced, fresh baked daily cupcakes in a variety of flavors. These cupcakes can be iced with multiple icing choices; the cupcakes themselves can also be placed in decorative travel and reusable jars and double iced for flavor enjoyment. Customer will also have over 15 choices of cupcake toppings to choose from with prices ranging from .25 to .50 per topping. Selected toppings vary. Cupcakes are customer made by the customer and are handled by the individual patron in a disposable cardboard paper-fold box that can be opened and closed with easy to handle while passing through the icing and topping statins. Icing bags are requested by customers and a OTC will pass the bag to the customer directly. This will be a two handed exchange with a clean wipe of the tip before handed to next customer When the customer has completed building their cupcake, they are facing the cashier station for payment. . The Cupcake Arcade will also sell premade cupcakes already iced and decorated for customer viewing and purchases. This price point is currently slated at $3.00 per cupcake Customer will be also to build their own breakfast by use of a convention oven provided on site. Breakfast items are prepackaged in sealed wrapping for freshness with a customer rip open tag. Pre softened whipped flavored butter will also be included in the breakfast sale sold with fruit smoothie. Note: kiosk locations will only sale fruit smoothies with breakfast items only. All items of the Cupcake Arcade are prepared to go. Travel utensils and travel ware will be provided to customers for OTC sales of premade cupcakes. Flavored cake loaves are also sold. These loaves are prepackaged in various gift packages but can be sold ala carte at the counter. The Cupcake Arcade will employ an onsite Chef to entertain customers while building their cupcake creations and will possess skills in creatively designing specialty cupcakes and enticingly pleasing cupcakes for sale. The Chef is required to possess a certificate of complete in baking and decorating pastry goods. Gift packaging of the Cupcake Arcade signature cupcakes will be offered in various gift pre-packaged arrangements ready for sale to customers. The Cupcake Arcade is dual branding with Fresh fragrance sales in most gift packaging sales. This is a corporate approved sponsorship permitted between The Cupcake Arcade and Fresh fragrances. Custom orders and gift packaging can be placed in advance. Large orders are accepted with advanced notice. Delivery is available door to door upon request. Gift packaging will sell between $15 to @225.00 will also be utilized to market its products and will allow customers to make purchases on the site as well with all credit and debit cards accepted. The Cupcake Arcade will also introduce breakfast items for convenience service to customers. However, OTCs will assist anyone who would like the build your own cupcake or breakfast assembly performed by a staff member. As the franchise grows, The Cupcake Arcade plans to expand its service model to lunch and dinner service providing fresh baked breads and pastas for customer while seated to live entertainment. Three arcade games will be introduced for customer enjoyment: 50in TV dance machine and recorder, Air hockey game table and player (jukebox) piano with CD changer Customers will also enjoy freestanding popcorn popper and vending machine. This public ordinance is under compliance by the city of Covina that a hearing must ensue in order to implement this service to the public. Along with this request in the works, 1800sq.ft of lease space is under consideration for this expansion phase. The Cupcake Arcade plans on serving sprits to its patrons upon final licensing by ABC Liquor. The Cupcake Arcade plans to merge its service model with existing franchises and has been in talks with two major brands. The Cupcake Arcade offers dedicated hours of service to area students for a fee. Students will also be honored for good grades via public voting and awarded a $500.00 academic scholarship.

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