Daily Chef’s Specials

Orange Drizzle, Hershey Chocolate Chunk, Lemon Drizzle, Frappuccino Leche, Red Velvet, Oreo Cookie Center, White Chocolate Velvet

Public Announcement

The Cupcake Arcade is currently seeking your review and opinion of our products and service on an open mic testimonial at our West Covina location. Shoppers will live stream their comments from the West Covina store through Facebook Live and the video feed will record a slideshow recap on a 43 inch monitor in the center squad of the mall throughout the month. The best testimonial will receive a personal acknowledgement and have a cupcake named in their honor that will be featured throughout the month of June.

Wedding Cupcakes, Birthday Cupcakes and Private Parties

The Cupcake Arcade is a build your own cupcake concept store that allows customer to custom design their own cupcake with un-iced, fresh baked daily cupcakes in a variety of flavors.

Build Your Own Cupcake

Choose one of our 30 signature flavors or create your own which contains a single 2.5 inch cupcake in a reusable vacuum-sealed container, 3ounces of our branded frosting in a piped frosting bag and 1 stainless steel icing funnel tip.