Kid cereal and character variety Build Your Own classic cupcakes featuring Sesame Street Cookie Monster, Princess Elsa, Bob the Minion, Olaf, and Spiderman.

Vanilla Butter-creme Frosting – Yellow, Blue, White, Red & Lavender.

Wedding Cupcakes, Birthday Cupcakes and Private Parties

The Cupcake Arcade is a build your own cupcake concept store that allows customer to custom design their own cupcake with un-iced, fresh baked daily cupcakes in a variety of flavors.

Build Your Own Cupcake

Choose one of our 30 signature flavors or create your own which contains a single 2.5 inch cupcake in a reusable vacuum-sealed container, 3ounces of our branded frosting in a piped frosting bag and 1 stainless steel icing funnel tip.